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Increase Productivity with Speech Recognition Software


A number of people have asked whether speech recognition software is overrated. Well, it's not at overrated. Initially, medical practitioners seemed to be the only ones who enjoyed this discovery especially with electronic records management. Other people in other fields have found it a must-have tool in their line of work. Authors, professional transcribers, records managers and other experts in the business world have realized that they can save time and poster accuracy with this software. Here are some of the reasons why every professional will find it a worth investment.


Save time


You can cut the time required to type a whole document by about 70 percent. Imagine if it would have taken you five hours to come up with a document, you can save about three and half hours with this software. Then think about what you can do with three and half hours in your line of work. This is something worth trying. Even if you are a student and you are required to come up with numerous papers, your workload becomes manageable. As long as you train it, you can get excellent results.




While a speech recognition speech is not 100 percent perfect, its level of accuracy is impressive. First, as you edit, there are a number of mistakes that you can spot and increase the score to about 97%. If you have trained your voice well, as well as the software, you can expect accuracy of anything between 90% and 93% even before editing. The magic lies in proper training, clarity in speech and good speed (not too fast and not too slow). Also stay away from so many contractions, heavy accent and colloquialism language. So it does not only improve the accuracy of the text, it pushes you to enhanced speech ability. To understand more about speech recognition, visit http://edition.cnn.com/TECH/computing/9907/01/t_t/voice.recognition/index.html


You have options


Those who are against speech recognition software in the beginning cited poor accuracy. However, as mentioned earlier, the problem was with the way people talked and trained the Speech Recognition Software. People who know this training thing will tell you this software couldn't come at a better time. Even then, there are applications that can be used to get to 10 standard accuracy. You may need to purchase it separately, but if you do not have time to edit, it will do the work for you.


Apart from time, you can make huge savings as a business in terms of people required for transcription or typing. Practically, Voice to Text software can reduce your workforce by about 50 percent, which will translate to significant money savings.